About Us

The Concept
Mix n’ Munch Cereal Bar & Grilled Cheese Café is reintroducing two classic comfort food favorites and allowing you to customize them however you want.
We feature delicious mouth watering grilled cheese sandwiches.  You can mix your own sandwich by choosing from our wide selection of breads, cheeses and mix-ins.  You can also select one of our Mix n’ Munch Signature grilled cheese sandwiches

We also offer over 25  different cereals which you can customize  by pairing them with a selection of over 20 mix-ins and 5 varieties of milk to create your own lip-smacking creation. Too many options to choose from?  Don’t foget about our Mix n’ Munch Signature Cereal Bowls.  Might we recommend the Cookie Bowl!

Mix n’ Munch has more than just cereal and grilled cheese sandwiches.  We also offer fresh salads and yogurt parfaits.  Many amazing sides such as homemade tomato soup, fresh fruit, tater tots, macaroni and cheese (add bacon!) and more! Wash everything down with one of our famous fresh Watermelon and Pineapple-Orange waters.  For something sweet, we offer delicious grilled dessert sandwiches and our unique Munch Bites

Our Story
The idea for Mix n’ Munch came from two sisters who love cereal and grilled cheese. All her life Kim had deep affection for cereal, so much so that as she got older she consistently felt a longing to open her own cereal shop.  Kim’s younger sister, Heather, always loved cheese, so it was not surprising that she became an avid maker of delicious grilled cheese sandwiches.  As the two got older, an idea materialized while Heather was working on her Master’s thesis at USC.   Kim and Heather realized that their two favorite classic comfort foods were in fact a perfect pair to feature at a restaurant.   With the support of their families they put pen to paper and drafted a business plan, making Mix n’ Munch a reality!

Having grown up in South Pasadena, Kim and Heather knew that the city was the perfect location for Mix n’ Munch.  The community-oriented nature of the city is a perfect fit for the atmosphere Mix n’ Munch offers.  Nothing reflects this community spirit like the South Pasadena schools.  Kim and Heather attended schools in the city from pre-school through high school.  This is why Mix n’ Munch is extremely committed to supporting local schools and youth organizations.  Beyond that, Mix n’ Munch hopes to offer a community gathering space for local residents to enjoy great affordable classic comfort food favorites in an inviting atmosphere.